about me

My greatest joy in life is my family. Have I told you about them lately? Hubby and I have been married 28+ years. He’s an electrician at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. Our family consists of two wonderful kids, plus a cat and dog. By trade I’m a Graphic Designer. I work for a fantastic company in Hillsborough, NC — Sinclair Institute. I also maintain my design business, Doris Rudd Designs, from home.

When I’m not working my passions are photography, knitting, cooking, eating great food, drinking good wine and hanging out with family and friends.

14 Responses to “about me”

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blogsite to us. I saw some of your pictures and they are amazing. I look forward to see more…

    Chuchay :)

  2. thank you Doris for you exquisite and inspiring photography:

  3. Hi, Beautiful pics. I stumbled upon your blog & am inspired by the weekly picture concept. Maybe I take it up too :). I wanna ask you about the canon t3i. I am planning to buy one, so could you suggest if its a good camera in your experience? I m confused between t3i & d5100. Thanks, keep up the good concept!

  4. I looked at all the photos on your first page and will be going through your archives you are so inspirational! Such a range of subjects and moods :) You have a wonderful eye thank you for sharing and thanks again for commenting or I would have been missing out for sure!

  5. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog and commented so that I found yours.
    Your photos are great … I will definitely be back.
    (I am adding you to my blogroll so I won’t miss place you :-))

  6. your photos are really stunning – what camera do you use? thank you for visiting my site, as well! (smile), y

    • I’m using a Canon Rebel T3i, purchased this past March. Before that I’d been using a Rebel XT for the past six years. Each blog post will list the lens used. Thanks for asking!

  7. Thanks for the kind words and the new subscriptions. It’s much appreciated!

  8. I am impressed and love your work. Thanks for sharing both your images and the explanations. I am putting a link you from my own blog and will be back.
    PS. Thanks too for your comments

  9. wow your photos are amazing! I have such a lot to learn :)

  10. Wow i just love ur snaps !! Each one is awesome…i think i would take some time ‘like’ing each one ;) So i’ve already subscribed :D Actually i love photography too and have just started and am enjoying it thoroughly !
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.NIce to meet u.Have a great day !!
    Cheers !!

  11. Your pictures are awesome! Am subscribing

  12. Susan, it’s not too late. Do it!

  13. I love this project! I am a fan, and am inspired. I look forward to seeing your photos and learning more about photography! I wish I had thought of it myself….


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