Beaufort Boatbuilding

An image from vacation last week, shot in Beaufort, NC. This boatbuilding shop is an extension of the NC Maritime Museum and has a public viewing platform located above the shop floor. A perfect place to capture a few shots.

I rented a 50mm lens (f1.4) from to take on the trip. It’s a lens I hope to add to my collection one day and I wasn’t disappointed by its performance. It stayed on my camera the entire week.

For more camera information and to view the image large, click on the photo. All images on my blog can be found in my smugmug 2012 Blog Gallery. I hope to add several more shots from our Beaufort trip over the next week or two, so please check back.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on June 24, 2012.

13 Responses to “Beaufort Boatbuilding”

  1. Great information …I live only minutes from Beaufort, and will have to check out the museum sometime soon.
    ~Happy New Year~

  2. I love Beaufort. I lived in your country for 10 years and visited the Outer banks quite a few times. Stayed at a B & B in Beaufort (the Pecan Inn) and recall going to this museum. love this photo — well, love all of your photos that I have seen so far. Keep them coming. :)

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and taking a moment to comment. I believe the Pecan Inn is still operating! We stayed at the Bed and Biscuit once in Beaufort and loved it. Such a quaint little town. Recently tied nationally with Hammondsport, NY as the Coolest Small Town in America (2012) as voted by Budget Travel readers.

  3. wow! what a lovely blog you have! I hope you don’t mind if I link it with mine. Thank you!

  4. Lovely image (as always).
    I agree with your comment about the 50mm prime lens. I recently bought a used 50mm 1.8 and it has become my favourite. If funds allow, the secondhand market is a reasonable option.

  5. I love the perspective with this one

  6. cool shot!

  7. Lovely soft shot Doris with intriguing detail, plus I love your tech talk – good to know you can rent such equipment. Ideas are brewing!

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