Cape Fear Sunset

We were in Wilmington for two reasons last September. Our annual couples trip to the beach which also coincided with parents weekend at my daughter’s college. My husband, daughter and I were strolling along the riverwalk watching the sunset when I stopped to take this picture. The sun’s warm reflection, the silhouette of the flying bird and the abstract texture of the water made this shot interesting.

Shot with my 24–105 lens. For more camera information or to purchase, click on the photo.

Egret Wilmington


~ by dorisrudddesigns on March 17, 2012.

40 Responses to “Cape Fear Sunset”

  1. […] Cape Fear Sunset […]

  2. Amazing shot………..

  3. It looks like a Blue Heron – stunning.

  4. that is beautiful! good capture!

  5. Its beautiful and colors blend in an unusual manner

  6. Beautiful picture. Simply awesome. So colorful and the reflection of that bird on water making it look really beautiful. Really great capture.

  7. stunning, stunning. bird in flight, movement, shadow, color. . . great capture.

  8. Great capture! Love the silhouette of the bird.

  9. Spectacular capture!

  10. such a striking capture! thanks for sharing.

  11. Gorgeous photo!

  12. Gorgeous … I love the colors.

  13. This is gorgeous! Extremely well done.

  14. Beautiful composition: nice colours, great silhouette and the motion blur of the wingtip is just right to convey dynamic motion.

  15. Beautiful entry my friend :)

  16. Stunning shot! :)

  17. Love it!

  18. wonderful, as always :)

  19. that is really really beautiful

  20. that’s a very clever capture.
    I like the ripples on the ocean as much as the bird in flight. and the way the light is reflected is just awesome :)

  21. That’s amazing! Good job capturing a bird inflight. I always have a hard time doing that. I’m just never quick enough.

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