The Gift From Long Ago

Finding flowers in the clearance cart at the grocery store is a good thing. I was excited to see these white roses, slightly faded, but still beautiful on sale for two dollars. Paired with a family antique, I thought it would make a nice still life.

Phoning Uncle Roy to find out more of the bowls history was a nice diversion on a busy day. I learned the bowl was a gift to my great-grandmother (Selena Mills Livingston) on her wedding day, November 28, 1884 by her husband, Joseph Bascaum Livingston. When she died in 1930 my grandmother gained possession and kept it in the china cabinet until after her death in 1989. That’s when it was given to me. In one hundred twenty-eight years it’s traveled from mother to daughter to granddaughter and it’s a treasured piece of family history. Also in my dining room is a portrait of Selena and Joseph, hanging on the opposite wall from the china cabinet where she can keep her eye on the wedding gift from long ago.

I shot this image purposely underexposed to retain detail in the white roses. I bracketed my shots in case I wanted to stack my exposures or process as HDR. But after editing using Nik and Topaz software the other shots weren’t needed. Processed with Flypaper Textures.

Shot with my 24–105 lens. For more camera information or to purchase, click on the photo.

Antique bowl

~ by dorisrudddesigns on March 3, 2012.

23 Responses to “The Gift From Long Ago”

  1. Wonderful use of textures!

  2. This is beautiful – definitely like. Stepping back in time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow… Art! wonderful picture.

  4. Love the history of the bowl – knowing it’s origins hads such a personal touch to the picture. The roses pop perfectly and have an antique touch as well with the edges browning just a bit.

  5. Love this still life composition and the minimal processing. BUT it’s the story/history behind the bowl that makes it extraordinary.

  6. that is a very stunning image

  7. this is beautiful

  8. Doris, what a jam packed post! Love the family history which goes with this gorgeous bowl – how lovely for you, and I love your tech talk regarding exposure etc. Plus, discount flowers at the grocery store will never look the same again!

    • Thanks, Patti! Still Life shots have been on my mind for awhile. I look forward to shooting more. Who knows where the next inspiration will come from? Thanks for the visit.

  9. Beautiful Capture of history…

  10. Beautiful!

  11. Another very beautiful photo Doris!

  12. That is truly beautiful.
    Your grandmother is very proud of you, and happy at how you treasure her bowl.

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