Eno River Magic

I’ve spent the last three Friday’s hiking around the Eno River looking for the quintessential fall photo. I’ve got several possibilities from the rainy hike I took yesterday, but haven’t had the chance to go through the images. This shot was taken last week, down the trail from “The Old Swimming Hole” photo I blogged last week.

When I saw the WordPress Photo Challenge theme this week was “Hidden” I knew this image would be perfect. The ripples in the water makes you wonder what’s hidden below.

Shot with my 10-22mm wide-angle lens at 22mm. ISO200, f5.6. View Large.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on October 29, 2011.

19 Responses to “Eno River Magic”

  1. wow… so great!

  2. Wonderful shot. I too went out last weekend to capture the peak color of the autumn trees.

  3. Oh yes, like someone else also said: the ripples!

  4. Great reflection, nice colors, great shot.

  5. Doris,
    This is gorgeous – really well done in all respects!

  6. I love the reflections of the leaves on the water. beautiful

  7. Beautiful photo! Wow. : )

  8. Love this! I want to put this on my wall!

  9. […] https://dorisrudddesigns.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/eno-river-magic/ […]

  10. Oh wow Doris, this is so BEAUTIFUL! I love how the lake turning into becoming a mirror…but again, you’re a pro photographer :)

  11. The reflection is gorgeous … love the picture. The lucky ripple in the water just makes it more special.

  12. Gorgeous color and light in this. Especially love those exquisite reflections!

  13. Maybe a big fish is hidden there :)

  14. wonderful photo!

  15. Really beautiful.

  16. Outstanding. I love not only the little ripple, but the tree with the splash of reddish gold. Nice work. As usual!

  17. Great pic.. nice moment with the ripples..

  18. Perfect reflection. :)

  19. Great photo!

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