Grandmother’s New Kitten

Cat, Kitten, Baby, StrayMeet the newest family member – Terry. Not actually living at OUR house, this cute bundle of joy resides with my mom who lives close by. Picked up off the street by a friend and delivered to her house in hopes of finding him a home. How could she say no? A trip to the vet estimated the kitten’s age to be around five weeks. Too soon for him to be out on his own; as evident by the way he attached himself to his new mother. After some confusion on picking out a name – it was originally thought this was a little girl – the kitten known as Barbara became the kitten known as Terry. And Terry is very happy in his new digs. My mom’s other cat, Mary Alice? Not so enthusiastic.

Shot with my 85mm lens, ISO200, f2.5, exposure compensation -.33. View Large.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on October 15, 2011.

37 Responses to “Grandmother’s New Kitten”

  1. soooooooooooo cute!!!!

  2. Cute kitten, and great photo. I love the inquisitive way he is looking up at the you and the camera.

  3. Oh, so cute!
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. :)

  4. what a beautiful kitten! so sweet.

  5. Such a sweet kitten, love the gaze!

  6. Beautiful photo, I love his ears!

  7. Great story and adorable kitty. Nice interpretation of the theme.

  8. aaaawwwww….too cute :D

  9. A beautiful portrait of a beautiful kitty!

  10. so sweet!
    greetings by

  11. great shot…superb use of DOF!

    My Third Eye

  12. This is just the sweetest little kitty ever. Love your capture..the clarity around the eyes..the soft fuzziness with the shallow dof. Love this!

  13. This photo made me smile. Thanks, Doris. :D

  14. So cute!!!

  15. Who could resist such pure and innocent eyes? Beautiful kitten. You truly captured its adorable personality.

  16. Lucky Terry! Love your shot…as always! but then you ARE a professional photographer :)

  17. Gorgeous photo and sweet sweet story. : )

  18. aaww beautiful, very sweet kitten :)

  19. Fantastic shot, bokeh is works really really well! And Terry looks gorgeous all by himself, of course :-)

  20. Gorgeous picture. I love the way the kitten is looking at you, and how his front paws are out of focus. Let’s hope he grows into those ears soon, or they’ll be renaming him Spock.
    He’s a lucky cat to be rescued and loved.

  21. Super cute kitty :)

  22. Very nice

  23. Beautiful :)

  24. Terry is gorgeous – it is so sad how people allow this to happen to animalls – thanks goodness there are people like your Mum to take them in :)

  25. Terry is one of the lucky ones. Landed in a home where he will get all the love and respect every cat deserves. Sweet beautifully shot photograph. Love the M or double wishbonnes above the middle of his eyes. That little mouth. Pardon me, but I am kitteh crazy. Have a great life Terry Cat!

  26. by the way, on your post for Mary Alice, you mentioned that image was featured. did you know that Terry has been featured as well? the link is:

  27. hey Terry, nice to meet you!
    you are adorable – and i look forward to seeing more of you in the future. with Doris around, i am sure this is not the last time you will be appearing on this blog :)

  28. What a very cute kitten. I want it! :lol:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

  29. What a sweet face. I love the dof.

  30. lovely kitten and a great picture. =)

  31. Great picture, looks so curious.

  32. Ah yes, love the depth of field of the 85mm lens… Nice shot.

  33. Awwww…sooooo cute! He looks like a cat I had when I was growing up.

  34. Awwwwwwwww! What a cutie!

  35. Wonderful portrait, in every way. What is called “a speaking likeness”.

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