Life’s Journey

Week of May 15, 2011 by drdesigns
This photo was pulled from the archives. Inspired by the latch on this vintage suitcase, it seemed the perfect place for a red rose. I like the pop of red against the monotone colors of the suitcase.
Added to Getty Images collection 5-22-2011.
Shot with my 50mm Compact Macro lens, ISO200, f6.3, exposure compensation -1. View Large.
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~ by dorisrudddesigns on May 21, 2011.

17 Responses to “Life’s Journey”

  1. Rose is one of the most cliched subjects for photography..
    But what you have done with this beautiful red rose is genius!
    Loved it!

  2. amazing photo…Love is in the air. Roses are Red, and Love is just great. :)

  3. lovely shot, so much texture…

  4. Lovely, but melancholy to me too, somehow.

  5. I like the creative thought. Lovely image

  6. Nice!

  7. Absolutely LOVE this shot, all your pictures are great :)

    • This is a shot I pulled from the archives. Shot awhile ago, inspired by the vintage suitcase and kept it in my back pocket (so to speak) until the right time. And, thank you for the kind words, I enjoy your blog also.

  8. The rose is so alive! Pretty :)

  9. Great image! I can see it on the cover of a best seller.

  10. Wonderful vibrant!
    I love how you’ve composed this, too – a classic flower shot in with a unique and contemporary twist – very cool! :)

  11. Exquisite!

  12. such a wonderful picture!
    I love also that contrast. Looks like great cover for a book or journal :)

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