Portrait of a Cat

Week of May 1, 2011 by drdesigns
On a whim, Sunday, I decided to take a “royal” shot of Ozzie. Inspired by the royal wedding I suppose. He wasn’t too cooperative — sitting on this small table wasn’t his idea of fun. After a few bribes of cheese and tuna, I finally got his attention. 
Uncropped, SOOC (straight out of camera) image can be found HERE.
Shot with my 85mm lens, ISO800, f5.0. Exposure compensation +.67. View large.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on May 3, 2011.

20 Responses to “Portrait of a Cat”

  1. such a great portrait of a cat with character

  2. Your photos are great! Very inspiring. This was is my favourite so far, though. (Probably because I love cats!). I’m impressed you managed to get him to stay still for long enough to take it!

  3. Awesome. He looks very regal indeed.

  4. Wow Doris. I had no idea when we were working together at Regent Lighting that you were such a great photographer. These pictures are wonderful. I would love to reconnect. Drop me an email or look me up on Linkin. Again, terrific photography and beautiful cat.

  5. Sensational portrait.
    So dignified, regal, handsome. And magnanimously allowing you to take the photo!

  6. lol @ “royal shot” awesome


  7. Beautiful cat. I’m a “cat person” myself. You inspire me to try photographing mine. If I’m even half as successful as yours, I’ll post! Great shot.

  8. wonderful, how you caught the light on the fur!

  9. Stunning photograph!
    He looks so majestic….

  10. what a beautiful cat and a lovely photo. it really is the hardest thing to do isn’t it? to persuade your cat to cooperate? i have tried so many times and failed.

  11. Its gonna be cute if the cat puts a smile in its face :lol:
    Is it possible??? :mrgreen:

  12. […] https://dorisrudddesigns.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/portrait-of-a-cat/ […]

  13. Ahhh!
    When I first saw this I thought I was looking at a photo of our cat, Dharma! I’m not sure there is a whole lot of ‘royal’ to her, though (she has a very unique character)! :)

  14. Beauty shot…love, love, love :)

  15. Thanks for the comments! It was a challenge, for sure, to convince him to sit still. After repeated attempts he finally sat there looking at me with this “WTF” look on his face. Next time I try to photograph a similar shot I’ll be sure to have an assistant. This was definitely a two person job.

  16. Hi Doris! Love the classic portrait style you used here. I am sure that it was not very easy to do because next to kids, animals are very difficult to sit for a portrait.

  17. That picture is AMAZING! My mom will love it, we all love cats in family, but she specially loves yellow ones. Picture is wonderful, and Ozzie seems so smart and lovely :)

  18. Great image, and a beautiful kitty.

  19. WOW – Doris, that picture is absolutely stunning! I bet you definitely had to bribe kitty to stay still. Love it!!!

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