The Light in the Graveyard

We had a full moon this week. On Sunday evening my brother Tom and I grabbed our camera’s and went in search of a great moon shot. After driving around looking for a potential spot we settled on Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Orange county. This church dates back to 1783 and is home to a very old graveyard.

Despite the beautiful moon, none of my moon shots turned out very well. I guess practice makes perfect? Or maybe I need a new lens? Whatever the case, we made plans to try again in December.

However, I did take this shot of a tree in front of the graveyard. Positioned directly behind the tree was a dusk to dawn light and I liked the way it illuminated the gold leaves. This was shot early in the evening during the “blue hour” when the sun is going down – but it’s not quite dark. If you’re ever interested in finding the time the blue hour occurs in your area, there’s a wonderful web site devoted to this. Plug in your zip code and it’ll tell you the optimum time to capture blue light.

I didn’t notice the small light flare (view large to see) until I opened the RAW image in Photoshop. Camera positioned on my tripod for a long exposure of 30 seconds. Shot with my 28-135 lens, ISO100, f6.3, exposure compensation -.67. View Large.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on November 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Light in the Graveyard”

  1. Love the lighting in this image, magical. HEre visiting from SS.

  2. Beautiful! Visiting from Shutter Sisters today… I love not only the little bit of sun flare, but the colors are amazing!

  3. WOW, this is INCREDIBLE!

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