Kittens are Like Toddlers

Went by mom’s this afternoon to visit for a few minutes. MaryAlice, the kitten never fails to amuse. She has a new toy that mom picked up for her at Wal-Mart. It’s this lightweight red tube with a hole in the center. She loves to play in this and entertained us for quite a while with her antics.

What I love about this photo is, she’s trying very hard to keep her eyes open. Kittens are sort of like toddlers, in that they’ll go and go and all of a sudden – BAM! They’re asleep.

Shot with my 50mm Compact Macro lens, ISO200, f3.2, exposure compensation +.33. View Large.

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~ by dorisrudddesigns on September 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Kittens are Like Toddlers”

  1. Didn’t know kitten loves to nap :D Good to know.

  2. […] the kitten known as Terry. And Terry is very happy in his new digs. My mom’s other cat, Mary Alice? Not so […]

  3. MaryAlice is very cute ^..^ … a great shot :)

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