Puppy Dog Eyes

The morning started off at a fast pace. Bentley had an accident in his crate last night. So 6:30am this morning, I’m giving him a bath, and doing laundry. Just a reminder, even though he’s pretty much potty trained, he’s still a puppy. He’s asleep on my office floor now, none the worse for his ordeal.

He had his first vet visit yesterday. The vet agreed he was a poodle mix; a little schnauzer thrown in and who knows what else.

Shot with my 85mm lens. ISO200, f3.2, exposure compensation +.33. I’m finding him hard to photograph. The dark fur and dark eyes are a challenge. A few adjustments in Photoshop solved the problem. View LARGE.

~ by dorisrudddesigns on April 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Puppy Dog Eyes”

  1. he’s very cute for sure. Certainly has poodle in him. We have a cockapoo. Cocker Spaniel and poodle mix.
    I bet he is hard to photograph with all that black and then the white mixed in. Sure looks like you nailed it though.

  2. Yay! He’s a Schnoodle!!!! He does look like our Stella….looks like he has the same soft fur as her and her beautiful eyes too!

    Great photo…beautiful boy!!

  3. Adorable photo! I have a black and white dog also and find it extremely frustrating to shoot him. I usually end up doing a lot of post processing.

    I’ve been wanting another prime and considered the 85mm. Maybe for my birthday…

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