Mutual Understanding

  We’ve tried to talk my mom into getting a pet many times. We knew she would love the company, as she lives alone. She’s always resisted. She didn’t want to be tied down, a cat or dog would be too much trouble, etc, etc. Then, Saturday we picked her up and brought her to our house for dinner. We fixed our plates in the kitchen and went outside to eat on the patio. As soon as we walked out the door, we heard a loud meowing sound. Traced the sound to under the hood of one of our cars and out popped a small kitten.

She took her home to keep until the next day, while we tried to find out who she belonged to. Needless to say, the owner couldn’t be found. How this kitten got into the car on our driveway is a mystery. Especially since this car hadn’t been driven in about a week.

The phone call I was expecting came Sunday evening. “Well, I might as well keep her” mom said. “I think we understand each other”.

Welcome to the family, little one.

Shot with my Compact Macro lens. ISO200, f2.5. View Large.

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~ by dorisrudddesigns on June 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “Mutual Understanding”

  1. Melts my heart. So happy they found each other.

  2. What a darling photo :)

  3. What a lovely story. I saw your comment on Shutter Sisters.

  4. i love the picture & story. sooo sweet! has your mom named it yet?

  5. I absolutely love that photo … having my own loved oldies around at the minute

  6. how sweet. it seems like fate doesn’t it? :)

  7. I love how you told this story! Glad for both of them!

  8. Touching story and lovely photo. The bokeh in the background is beautiful, too.

  9. Sorry, that was me who said you’re making me tear up…seriously! I love that photo and story!

  10. Good lord, you’re making me tear up….

  11. Thanks Susan!

  12. This is my favorite!! I can see how they understand each other.

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